Top 3 Reasons Why I Joined Maxwell

Rugved Yeram
Content writer
17 May
min read
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Every job change decision involves a complex set of criteria and honestly, I firmly believe that leaving one company should not be the sole reason for joining another company.

I recently made an exciting decision to join Maxwell as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. I thought I’d explain how I approached the decision and, just as importantly, my experience with the team so far.

People & Culture

As it turns out, in many cases, you join and stay in a company because of people. And why not? After all, you need the right environment to be your best self and perform at the height of your abilities.

My initial discussion with Akhil & Alex was not a typical interview. It was more of a conversation – we exchanged thoughts and ideas on how to take the company forward. I was pleasantly surprised by their openness and transparency. In fact, the communication was very candid, with shortcomings and challenges clearly discussed. Over the subsequent few conversations with the rest of the team, I realized that there is an excellent balance between valuing performance and accountability while being willing to take risks. Another thing that stood out is the high degree of customer focus throughout the organization, which I absolutely love to see.

When I met the team in person, I must say, the energy in the room was contagious. I’ve found the entire team to be friendly, committed, smart, driven, and curious; all traits I love to see in my colleagues! There’s a high degree of technical excellence, also as expected.

Serving a Bigger Purpose

Over the past few years, I have realized that everyone is willing to go above and beyond when doing something that really matters to them. Our generation is looking for brands to lead the way and create change with them, not just for them. At Maxwell, we’re enabling OEMs to achieve their #AllElectric dream, which in turn will help us achieve our mission of accelerating the earth’s transition to an all-electric future. But we don’t stop there – we’re continuously improving our products, making them more reliable and safe.

This strong ability to drive change is what brings the company together. Don’t get me wrong – numbers are significant and holy to grow too! But all of us are aligned on a vision beyond numbers – to contribute our bit to sustainability. Isn’t this the bond that builds loyalty?

Industry, Product & Customers

I come from the automotive industry. In fact, I’ve spent more than 80% of my professional time in this industry! I am thrilled to continue supporting automotive customers in transitioning to new technologies and business models.

At the highest level, I was looking for a product that was set to become an industry leader. Maxwell has a solid global presence with over 80 customers across 15 countries. This ensures new sources of innovation, opportunities for personal growth, and diversification of market risk –  something that has always been attractive to me. Needless to say, Maxwell is becoming one of the leading players in the EV industry.

And finally, I’ve always admired companies with a strong customer ethos where everyone in the organization is consistently motivated to do what’s right for the customer. These types of companies build strong customer relationships, and this sense of partnership moves the company and product forward in meaningful ways in the longer run. At Maxwell, throughout the interview process, it was clear that everyone wore a customer “hat” and thought about what was required to deliver a great customer experience.

If you are interested in partnering with us or would like to explore how we can help ensure your organization — reach out to me at Also, we are hiring, and I’m helping grow our team! Check out our open roles if you are interested in embarking on an ambitious mission of electrifying the world.